Update January 2022

The HCS committee members met this week, it was our intention to discuss our return to rehearsals and our mid year concert however, our goal posts have moved (again!) and it is with a heavy heart that we unanimously decided that it was not safe nor financially viable to re-start our choir rehearsals in February. The return to red in the Government’s Traffic light system and imminent threat of an Omicron outbreak have made the risk of returning to singing together at this time, too great.
We will of course review the situation mid year.

The choir committee met to discuss the current situation and possible scenarios with the COVID restrictions.  

Sadly, we have decided to postpone our planned November concerts until May next year, however, we are hoping to resume our choir rehearsals on 14th February 2022.

We appreciate that this is disappointing news to our members and supporters but the committee unanimously agreed that we could not safely return to rehearsals until Level 1 and that would not give us sufficient time to prepare and perform to the high standard we and others expect, of the Hibiscus Coast Singers.

We are so sorry but your safety is paramount and unfortunately singing, particularly with this Delta variant, is risky business!!

In the meantime, take care and stay safe,


Rehearsals begin for our second season on 2nd August @ 7:15 pm.  Join us at the Red Beach Methodist Church venue to see if this is something you will enjoy!

Our concerts are now scheduled for 12th & 14th November

Previous Concert

Our Homeward bound Concert on 14th and 15th November 2020 where we sang songs about home - going home, staying home longing for home, being stuck at home - something everyone can identify with during these trying times.


Since our new Musical Director, Robyn Allen Goudge was appointed, the choir has seen tremendous strides towards more current and varied programmes, starting in June 2018 with A Winter's Feast.

We have gained more popularity amongst the local community and have had sold out concerts which meant great enjoyment for singers and audiences.


For more information visit our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/hibiscuscoastsingers/


Our previous concert was in December 2019 and very enchanting indeed.